Upon arrival at the University campus, the student must pay the following fees:

  1. Placement Fee: This fee is in addition to the Academic Exchange Fee.
  2. Two months of rent (according to the meal plan requested): The first month of rent will be paid to the family that provides the accommodation, and the second month will be retained in the University as a deposit to cover the rent of the last month. The rest of the accommodation payments will be made monthly according to the date of arrival of the student.

It is very important to keep in mind that while the student is here he can not make any changes to the food plan selected, and in case the student decides, for any reason, to leave the house before the end of the semester, he must inform the Housing Office with 30 days in advance to apply the payment of the deposit that you made on your arrival since this one is NOT REFUNDABLE.  

The Housing Office will provide the student with a capture number to pay at any Santander or Banamex bank. The bank in turn will issue a proof of payment, a copy of which the student must deliver at the accommodation office.



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