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Exchange Students (Incoming)


If you're an international student and would like to come to Universidad La Salle in the exchange program, review the following information:


You are a candidate for the La Salle mobility program if your university:

You can also come as Free Mover (with tuition payment). Contact us for more information.  

You can come to La Salle as an exchange student, in any area of ​​study offered by La Salle, except in Medicine and in the programs of the School of Higher Studies in Health. Check here the academic information.




1. Ask the person responsible for mobility at your university to nominate you to our program.

  • Once nominated, you will receive an email with the information to complete your online application, send your support documents and record the materials.
  • If you comply with the procedures in a timely manner, you will receive your acceptance letter.

2. The candidate must be a regular student, have a minimum average of eight (8/10) and have completed 50% of their academic credits. The grading system at La Salle is based on a scale of 1 to 10 (6 is the minimum passing grade and 10 is excellent).

3. Students must attend 80% of the classes to qualify for a final grade.

4. Each effective hour of learning equals 0.0625 La Salle credits. Therefore, a course of 4.5 credits is equivalent to 72 hours of work (in the classroom or independent).

5. Students must validate the courses at their home institution.

6. A minimum of 4 courses and a maximum of 9 must be taken.

7. Students must pay a recovery fee upon arrival.




The nomination periods are indicated below:         

  • To come to La Salle in the spring semester (January-June), your university should nominate you from September 15 to October 31
  • To come to La Salle in the fall semester (August-December), your university should nominate you from March 15 to April 30   

Make the nominations in the following link: International Nominations

The application submission deadlines are indicated below:

  • For the spring semester (January-June): from October 15 to November 15
  • For the fall semester (August-December): from April 15 to May 15

Required documentation


During the application submission period, students must complete their application online and send: the pre-registration of subjects * (format in Excel) and the supporting documents in a color PDF as indicated below:   

  1. Official academic record with courses taken and grades obtained (transcipt). A color copy.
  2. 1 or 2 letters of recommendation (from teachers or head of work). A color copy
  3. Autobiography. maximum 1 sheet
  4. Intention letter. maximum half sheet
  5. Curriculum vitae. maximum two sheets
  6. Official identification (passport). A color copy.
  7. OFFICIAL Spanish Certificate B2 (DELE, BULATS, Bright Language or ELYTE). 

* Check the subject database to fill your pre-registration of subjects.

** Do not send documents separately, do not include unsolicited documents.


Student visa


If your stay in Mexico will be two semesters (more than 180 days) you must obtain a student visa at the Mexican Consular Office closest to your place of residence.

Upon entering Mexico with a student visa you must obtain a Temporary Student Residence status:

  • Within 30 days of your arrival, you must complete the "FMM exchange by Resident Card" procedure. This procedure is free.
  • The foreigner who does not make the exchange of the FMM for the resident card within the specified period is subject to the sanctions provided by the General Population Law and may be removed from the mobility program.
  • Once you obtain your resident card, you can enter and exit multiple times of the national territory. You must show your Resident card in each entry / exit.

Be sure that when you arrive in Mexico, your FMM will mark 30 days-exchange. If your FMM is not checked correctly, ask for a correction.  

More information:

INM in Mexico City:

  • Av. Ejercito Nacional 862, Col. Los Morales Section Palmas, Delegation Miguel Hidalgo, C.P. 11540, Mexico D.F. (almost in front of Plaza Antara) Check here the location map
  • (55) 5387-2400 informesdf@inami.gob.mx
  • Public Service Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The information provided considers the update to the Mexican Migration Law and its Regulations of November 9, 2012, and is subject to change by the INM or the SRE.

Information for students from France



Shweta Ramesh

Head of Academic Exchange

Francisco Murguía #19, Col. Condesa, 06140, Mexico City

Phone: (+52- 55) 5278-9508 / 5278-9500 ext. 3303

e-mail: shweta.ramesh@lasalle.mx

Facebook: LaSalleMX CIEL

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