The first year of the program is held in france at ICN Bussiness School and in Italy at the University of Bologna. Upon completion of the courses of year 1, the program includes a practical work activity, wich takes place as a field work carried out in groups.

During the 2nd year, the student will attend 4 to 5 months of courses in one of the partner universities (La Salle, Mexico; Ecust, China; UFRGS, Brazil or MGIMO, Russia). During the second semester and depending on the 2nd year location, the student prepares a master thesis or finds an intership (Project work).




Participants undertake a 2 years "MIM_MIEX MASTER LEVEL" program that grants 120 ECTS credits that includes allowing students to specialize during the 2nd year in one of the available market areas.

Teaching is geared towards the objective of professionalization. It is based on in class courses, personal study, supervised projects, group work and work experience programs.

Given the multicultural composition of the student body and the different countries of study, there is ample opportunity to develop cross-cultural skills in both, formal (Academic) and informal (Applied) learning situations.

Upon completion of the program, students will obtain the MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGMENT  from ICN Bussiness school in France and the MIEX MASTER DI I LIVELLO from the university of bologna and depending on the choice of the second year university, students can obtain a third master's degree by fulfilling the corresponding requisites.

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